Spring Break

DSCN6410 (Medium)DSCN6402 (Medium)We were thankful to host college spring break here the past ten days. Instead of baking away in some tropical region of the world our first born was a real help in checking, feeding and caring for the heifers and their calves and sorting off cows that are closer to calving.

On our coldest nights we took turns getting up every few hours to ensure no calves were born outside the barn where they would freeze in a matter of minutes.

The weather broke this weekend and we took a quick trip to South Dakota State University for a tour and on into Minnesota to see last years calf crop as they are being fed there by another family for harvest later this spring and summer. SDSU’s tour was very interesting for the two former grads, the son planning to attend college there next fall and the younger son who entertained the entire campus with his black cowboy hat and boots. Who would have thought that a 3-year-old farm boy could gather so much attention on an agricultural school campus ? Cowboy hats were the norm 20 years ago…now most of the students thought it was a novelty.

Meanwhile the Beer sisters bonded while caring for all the animals while we were gone. Could not be prouder of two girls being so responsible. Truly have to say that they are learning important life skills on their own here.

Any college age students that want to experience another kind of spring break next year please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to host your spring break. As a testimonial today I received this text from our first participant after her first day back to school: Class sucks, I’d rather be sorting cattle. Does that mean we will see you next year during spring break?


About Beer Ranch

I'm a farm/ranch wife and mother of 4. I've lived all my life on a farm caring for Angus cows. Currently we raise cattle and a variety of crops including wheat, corn, sunflowers, millet and peas. It is a great life and great way to raise children. We live and learn everyday about the world God has made for us. We try to find better ways of taking care of the land while raising food for people.
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2 Responses to Spring Break

  1. John schafer says:

    I wish I had known you were in the neighborhood. Maybe I could have snuck away to meet you for lunch.

  2. Helle Ruddenklau says:

    Looking forward to further installments. Good luck with this new effort.

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