Food: Fact, Opinion or Emotion

Food:  Fact, Opinion or Emotion

I grew up on a farm/ranch. Seeking scientific answers to why plants and animals do what they do came natural. We grow up seeing life beginning and ending sometimes in the natural flow of the growing season and sometimes suddenly, unexpectedly and unexplainable. Growing up or working with nature you naturally grow to look for scientific explanations for life and death and I think it carries into other thought processes. So it seems as more and more people in developed countries grow up without first- hand experience on farms it is only natural that scientific explanations are sought out less and are replaced more with emotion and opinion. The internet is full of blogs, articles, tweets and posts with a lot of opinion and not much fact when it comes to the subject of how farmers and ranchers are growing food today. There are even conflicting opinions among farmers about the proper way to grow food today. All types of farming can point to research supporting different methods to produce safe and healthy foods.

Recently I’ve seen several pieces written that point out how we can cure just about anything wrong with us by eating all healthy, natural, organic foods. It seems trendy, in fact, to quote someone else’s article, blog or editorial rather than write a factual based article with documentation.  I agree with the fact that a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables is good for you, but there is simply no evidence that non-organic produce is bad for us. In fact; according to US EPA Report of Cancer Assessment Review committee, 1999; the scientists recommended the best way to reduce risk of certain types of cancers was to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Notice they did not say increase consumption of organically produced fruits and vegetables. They said fruit and vegetables.

So keep in mind the sources quoted by your favorite sites on the internet and see if they are using sources that are supported by science based studies or if they are merely repeating opinion or emotion from another’s view point. Question those giving these opinion or emotional views and ask them to give you the source of their claims. Better yet ask a farmer or rancher.  We have first-hand experience on how to grow food. We may not have all the answers but we can point you to someone with an answer based on science.


About Beer Ranch

I'm a farm/ranch wife and mother of 4. I've lived all my life on a farm caring for Angus cows. Currently we raise cattle and a variety of crops including wheat, corn, sunflowers, millet and peas. It is a great life and great way to raise children. We live and learn everyday about the world God has made for us. We try to find better ways of taking care of the land while raising food for people.
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