We Could Not Agree More

I love it when you hear an expert say things you have believed for a long time. Weather it’s  an urban person talking about food or the technology we use to grow food in an accurate way or a professor explaining the science behind the logical application of a useful technology, we love hearing and reading it! We have enjoyed hearing two of these this week and can not wait to share them.

1. Thanks to Darrell Anderson and his radio show ‘Successful Farming Radio Magazine‘ for letting us share his shows. This week he hosted Dr. Anne Glover, chief scientific adviser to the president of the European Commission. She was talking about GMO’s. Hear her briefly summarize what she believes about safety and affects on the environment of GMO’s after studying them and looking for them to be harmful. She says here that they simply can’t find GMO’s to be harmful. http://www.northshoreproductions.com/Audio/sfrm4924-111314.mp3

Good luck to Dr. Anne Glover and her team of scientists to changing the European Union’s stance on using GMO’s. They are a great tool to growing safe food for a growing world population in a sustainable way.


2. ‘The Big Fat Surprise’ By Nina Teicholz. Thank you Ms. Teicholz for shedding light on the truth about saturated fat. It is past the right time for the information in this book to come out. Enough said, read her book for yourself. Very good read during a polar vortex in South Dakota!


About Beer Ranch

I'm a farm/ranch wife and mother of 4. I've lived all my life on a farm caring for Angus cows. Currently we raise cattle and a variety of crops including wheat, corn, sunflowers, millet and peas. It is a great life and great way to raise children. We live and learn everyday about the world God has made for us. We try to find better ways of taking care of the land while raising food for people.
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