Here is a photo of our son’s toys, among it is his toy pickup and trailer.  We read that vegans want Wal-mart to stop selling livestock hauling toys. We are pretty sure that vegans are not buying much meat or toys anyway. But farmers and our families, you bet we do! Our kids enjoy playing with these toys and we enjoy moving our cattle around in  trucks and trailers that get them to where they are going as fast and safe as possible. Some people are going to find a problem with whatever we do with food animals because they want all animal use to go away. Guess what we are not aiming to please these kind of people anyway we are here to  please our customers and take care of our food animals the best that we can. We are going to teach our kids the same values we learned as kids too. If Wal-mart gives into nonsense pressure from vegan groups we will make our own toys like the barn in the background made by a very loving grandfather. He also cared for his cattle the same way his grandson will. Adversity has never stopped American agriculture and groups pressuring retailers are not going to either.14478840750591778641986


About Beer Ranch

I'm a farm/ranch wife and mother of 4. I've lived all my life on a farm caring for Angus cows. Currently we raise cattle and a variety of crops including wheat, corn, sunflowers, millet and peas. It is a great life and great way to raise children. We live and learn everyday about the world God has made for us. We try to find better ways of taking care of the land while raising food for people.
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